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With over twenty years of experience in university admissions, and over ten years at the helm of Arbor Strategy Consulting, Alexandre Tabet has developed a keen understanding of the admissions practices at institutions of higher learning around the world. He has lived in the UAE for 40 years, and attended the Lycee Français Louis Massignon in Abu Dhabi, as well as the American Community School of Abu Dhabi before graduating from Choueifat Abu Dhabi. As such, Alexandre has a unique understanding of the various secondary school systems and a personal appreciation of the cultural sensitivities and needs of international students seeking to study in the United States and the United Kingdom. Alexandre takes a personalized approach and not only does all the work himself, from responding promptly to parent inquiries and advising students on selecting universities and revising essays, but he also takes on a limited number of students each year, ensuring a great deal of individualized and personalized attention. His policy of meeting weekly with his students totaling in a face time of 35-40 hours with his students has guaranteed a 100% placement rate in tier 1 universities and 42% enrollment rate in elite colleges and universities.

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Reduce the significant effort and time required
Evaluate the greater choices faced by students today
Avoid risking a costly mistake
Resolve conflicts and facilitate communication
Provide a measure of objectivity

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