We are incredibly happy to have helped so many students achieve their goals and live out their dreams by guiding them and pushing them to be the best they can be. These same students very often come back to us and thank us for facilitating such a crucial and difficult part of their lives. We love hearing of the success of our past students and so we would like to share their happiness and enthusiasm with anyone who is looking to start their own academic journey right here.

What Our Clients Say

Alexander T.
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics class of 2020

Alexandre Tabet's services were instrumental in directing the focus of my applications. He effectively helped me in picking universities to apply to that fit my intellectual aspirations and that would enable me to channel my passion for economics and the social sciences. My acceptances to Cornell University and the University of Michigan were, in large part, the result of his deep involvement in my understanding of those institutions' academic ethos and the typical profile of their successful applicants. Overall, Alexandre emphasizes the importance of the writing component of his students' applications and works diligently to guide them to the best of their writing ability. Highly recommended...and Go Blue!

Alexander AJ.
Northwestern University, BS Mechanical Engineering class of 2020

Alexandre Tabet truly cushioned the rigor and intimidation of the college application process by walking me through each step of it. Through his vast knowledge of university culture, he was able to guide me in choosing the universities that are best suited towards my interests, personality and grades. After he guided me through the written applications, thoroughly reviewing my essays and helping me edit them to perfection. And once responses were out, he was able to help me identify my priorities and decide where I would spend the next four years of my life. Alex is a one-of-a-kind college counsellor who not only makes the college application process easier but more enjoyable.

Natacha L.
University of Miami, BA Journalism class of 2017
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism class of 2019

Alexandre Tabet was my counselor during my senior year of High School in Dubai. I was a student at the French Lycee, so applying to universities in the United States was a challenge given the school did not offer any guidance for students applying outside of France. He was extremely helpful, and despite my average grades, I managed to get into the University of Miami, a top school in my field of interest. He is a great mentor and a diligent essay editor. It has now been four years since I got into college and Alex still took the time to guide me in writing my admission essay for gradual school. I have recently been admitted into the graduate Journalism programs at Columbia University and Northwestern University, and it is in big part thanks to his tutelage!

Mohamed A.
University of Pennsylvania, BS Wharton class of 2022

Not only did Mr. Tabet excel at his duties as a counselor, but he also did much more. I felt that my opinions were treated with respect and found his critiques concise and accurate. Mr. Tabet’s dedicated nature, sharp abilities and peerless insights helped me find my niche and approach each application just the right way!

Saqer N
University of Pennsylvania, BA College of Arts and Sciences class of 2022

One of Alex's greatest attributes is his genuinely kind heart and understanding personality. Throughout my few months with him, he was like an older brother in his guidance, and his unique sense of humor made any formality or reservations evaporate away. He often opened my eyes to opportunities I missed - one which eventually turned out to be my intended major. His abundance of expertise made up for some of my errors in judgement, always saving the situation, and his flexibility allowed me to truly express myself and contemplate my choices. I am forever grateful to him for refining me into an Ivy Leaguer!

Victoire H.
Princeton University, B.S.E. Computer Science, Class of 2019

Alex was an instrumental part of my application process to US and UK universities. His immense wealth of knowledge, perspective and understanding of how to "market" yourself and highlight your various attributes makes him a uniquely helpful counselor who I feel grateful to have worked with. On top of that, Alex is someone who I always felt comfortable reaching out to and who was very generous with his time. His humorous demeanor and realistic outlook helped bring some much needed lightheartedness during one of the most stressful periods of a high schooler's career.