College Admissions

Arbor Strategy Consulting does not approach any two students the same way. Its pedagogy is grounded in the belief that each student possesses singular ambitions, faces specific challenges, imbues distinct personal attributes and presents unique opportunities. Given Arbor Strategy Consulting’ philosophy, it follows that its approach will be as personalized and differentiated as the students under its care.

That being said, the underlying process remains the same regardless of the student. The success of the process highlighted above is predicated on the successful adherence to four phases

College Admissions

Phase 1: Student evaluation and compatibility
This introductory phase consists of an exploratory meeting where the parents and student meet with the counselor to discuss the student’s credentials and goals, the parents’ expectations, and whether or not those are consistent with Arbor Strategy Consulting’s scope and vision.

Phase 2: Getting to know each other and preparation for application process
The student and the counselor develop a friendship and establish trust, both of which are essential for the process to unfold optimally. During this phase, the timeline for the entire application process is laid out, milestones are clearly defined, and plans for the summer period leading to the application phase are explicitly communicated.

Phase 3: Applying
By far the most intensive and significant phase in the entire process, the student and counselor will work together weekly from the end of August through early January to ensure that all the applications are completed on time, and are of the highest quality.

Phase 4: Follow-Up
While it is natural for applicants to let their guard down once the applications have been submitted, the counselor will ensure that students follow up with the universities to ascertain that all documents have been duly received and that the applications are completed and ready for revision.

Initial Consultation - in-depth interview with student and family helps clarify their needs and priorities and define their educational goals

Provide an in-depth explanation of the US education system

Assessment and Recommendations - A personalized service to assist high school students with determining appropriate educational decisions and choices, culminating in a list of 8-15 colleges or universities best suited for the individual applicant

Campus Visit Service - A comprehensive service for students who plan to visit institutions in North America

A comprehensive service to assist students with the application process, once the list of colleges and/or universities has been established. Strong emphasis is placed on the approach and writing of admissions essays

Once applications have been submitted, preparation for individual interviews, if applicable, and follow-up with the colleges and universities to ensure that all application materials have been duly received is essential to the completion of the process.

Act as a sounding board to help applicants select the ideal university among those they were admitted into.

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